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Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Strengthening of War Memorial Bridge—Installation, Load Testing, and Analysis




Carmichael, Benjamin

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


An assessment of the rehabilitation of a reinforced-concrete bridge using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) laminate materials is presented. The installation of FRP strips to girder bottoms in the positive moment section of a three-span, continuous bridge is detailed, as well as a summary of the load testing procedure. Comparisons and evaluations are made between load tests performed before strengthening and after strengthening. A finite-element model was created, and data generated from analysis was utilized in a cracked section analysis to determine analytical bridge characteristics. These findings are compared to experimental data and presented to aid in assessing post-strengthened bridge behavior and examine its viability as a design and evaluation aid. A strength capacity increase was achieved, and no significant performance degradation was observed in six months’ service use. The results are given in order to help the reader evaluate the benefit of FRP as a rehabilitation method for aging infrastructure.