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PineHill: A Novel Approach to Computer Aided Language Learning




Koh, Kyuhan

Type of Degree



Computer Science and Software Engineering


Teaching language involves understanding the way people perceive words and utilizing methods of instruction that they can easily comprehend. Computer assisted instruction is of great benefit and more interesting to learners in that it adds a multimedia approach to learning (e.g. audio, video, graphics). Incorporating a multimedia approach to instruction generally requires teachers to learn new skills like programming. This thesis investigates tools that would provide a support system where teachers new to programming can create educational modules without the necessity of extensive programming training. The author has identified a need for tools that are visual and intuitive for users, and that also provide a wide range of capabilities. In this paper, AgentSheets was evaluated as a tool to create language learning simulations for novices. In addition, the current common approach in language learning software does not embody computer technology and language learning theory in one simulation. PineHill introduced in this paper suggests a new design to create the best conditions for learners to acquire communication skill in a new language with a multimedia approach.