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Adolescents' Attitudes towards Counseling by Demographic Group: Before and After a Youth Relationship Education Curriculum




Stover, Cassidy

Type of Degree



Human Development and Family Studies


Although marriage relationship education and counseling programs have been shown to be effective in promoting healthy relationships, participants are typically not from diverse backgrounds. Adolescent attitudes towards these programs and services were examined both before and after participation in a youth relationship education curriculum, Relationship Smarts Plus (RS+). Sample consisted of 304 adolescents aged 11-18, 46.4% Caucasian, 53.6% African American, 53% female, 47% male, from diverse economic levels and family structures. Attitudes did not differ significantly among demographic groups at Time 1; adolescents all held similarly neutral attitudes. After RS+, attitudes significantly improved, on average, for all participants (t-score = -2.89; p < .01), but especially Caucasian females (t-score = -3.82; p < .001).