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The Relationships of Parental Involvement, Motivating Factors, and Socioeconomic Status to High School All-state Choir and Band Membership




Hickok, Stephen

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Curriculum and Teaching


The primary purpose of this study was to identify differences in parental involvement, motivational factors, and socioeconomic status (SES) between high school band and chorus participants. The secondary purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of these factors to students who participate in all-state music festivals. The participants (N = 403) in this study included choral and band students from six high schools in the southeastern United States. Participants completed the Characteristics of High School Music Students Survey (CHSMSS) which measured aspects of students’ home environment, parental support in music, and students’ attributions of success in music. Performance achievement was operationalized as students’ participation in all-state chorus or band festivals. SES was measured through Hollingshead’s Two-Factor Index of Social Position. Nine factors related to band, chorus, and all-state participation were found. Discriminant Function Analysis indicated a significant difference between band and chorus students in SES and musical ability attribution. All factors related to family environment and parental involvement were significantly higher for all-state participants than for non-all-state participants. Parental involvement was a significant factor in students’ performance achievement in band and chorus.