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An Adaptive Jam-Resistant Cross-Layer Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks In Noisy Environments




Kuhr, Mark G.

Type of Degree



Computer Science


This dissertation contributes a jam-resistant communications protocol for use in a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). Specific focus is given to the network layer routing of packets within a MANET. A MANET is a self-organizing multi-hop wireless network that is comprised of many mobile hosts communicating wirelessly. As a result of their mobility and dependence on wireless communications, network layer routing is especially prone to errors. An algorithm has been developed using the concept of concurrent codes to allow for jam-resistant wireless communications without a pre-shared secret. The algorithm allows for the recovery of messages even in the presence of significant noise. Experimental results show that a cross-layer protocol designed to take advantage of this property allows for more effective communications in noisy environments such as disaster sites where current network protocols experience significant packet loss rates. Ultimately, this research presents a communications protocol that adapts to the level of interference in the environment to which the network is deployed to allow for effective communication.