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Fast Solution of Large-Body Problems Using Domain Decomposition and Null-Field Generation in the Method of Moments




Killian, Tyler

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


In this work, a new Method of Moments (MoM) solution procedure for calculating electromagnetic scattering and radiation by electrically large conducting bodies is presented. By using domain-decomposition, conducting structures are divided into several disjoint pieces. By replacing basis functions on each piece of the structure with specially designed functions, null fields may be produced on surrounding areas thereby decoupling sections of the geometry. Also, the geometrical divisions induce a partitioning on the overall system matrix. By creating these null fields, the blocks in the system matrix with the largest element values are eliminated. The result is a block-diagonally-dominant moment matrix that can be used in an iterative procedure for rapid convergence. Furthermore, due to the nature of the algorithm, the solution procedure can be divided cleanly among multiple processors for extra savings in CPU resources. Finally, since an iterative procedure is employed, the large memory requirements typical in MoM problems can be effectively sidestepped.