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Predicting Consumers’ Attribution and Behavior toward a Brand’s Sweatshop Practices: The Effects of Brand Power, Sweatshop Practice Repetitiveness, and Response Strategy 

Rashid, Md Sanuwar (2018-05-15)  ETD File Embargoed
Given the rise of anti-sweatshop campaigns against a few leading brands including Wal-Mart, the Gap, Zara, Nike and Disney, it is crucial to understand why consumers resonate with the allegations of leading brands’ sweatshop ...

The Preference for the Aesthetic Middle: A Perceived Risk Based Explanation and the Moderating Role of Aesthetic Expertise and Product Confidence 

Braun, Alina Maria (2018-04-27)  ETD File Embargoed
In the context of the aesthetics of consumer products, this study proposed an explanation for the preference for the aesthetic middle based on the psychological construct of perceived risks. The study proposed two research ...

Preparing for specialized practice in design and wellness: A model curriculum 

Levinson, Emily (2017-04-17)
With people spending nearly 90% of their time indoors and because buildings can contribute both positively and negatively to user’s health (International Well Building Institute [IWBI], 2015), it is imperative that these ...

Social Media Information Search Behavior in Consumption Decisions: Consumer Segmentation and Discriminant Factors 

Chang, Jae Youn (2020-05-14)  ETD File Embargoed
Upon recognition of the theoretical and empirical literature gap of research integrating the diverse roles of consumer information search on social media (Choi & Park, 2006), this study proposes the modified consumer ...

Third Place Impact on Students' Creativity and a Comparison between Measurement Tools: An Experimental and Comparative Study 

Sokienah, Yaman (2017-04-20)
Learning spaces play an important role in the learning process, as the surrounding environment helps to shape human behavior. Specifically, researchers have suggested that, as a social species, humans interacting in ...

The Transaction between Neural Systems and the Intensive Care Unit Environment: Development of Neuro-Interior Response Theory 

Cooper, Sarah (2021-11-19)
This study explores the transaction between neural response and ICU environments. The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between neural response and ICU design, how neural response affects patient healing ...

What Makes Consumers Engage? The Effects of Mobile Location-Based Advertising (MLBA) Messages on Consumers’ Engagement with a Retailer on a Location-Based Social Commerce Application (LSCA) 

Kader, Mohammad Shahidul (2019-04-18)
The rapid advancement of mobile and internet technology has changed the landscape of mobile marketing revolutionarily. The customization-focused contemporary retail trends have heightened the need for applications of ...

What’s in There for Me? Impact of User-Centric Advertisement Appeals on Consumers’ Emotional Responses and Sustainable Apparel Purchase Intentions 

Chakraborty, Swagata (2021-06-28)  ETD File Embargoed
Despite urgency to protect the environment, unsustainable apparel consumption continues to damage it. Although a high environmental knowledge, awareness, or concern encourages sustainable consumption, it does not guarantee ...