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Self-Efficacy as it Relates to Attributions and Attitudes towards Poverty among Pre-Service School Counselors 

Kitchens, Sarah (2014-07-11)
This study was conducted in order to examine the self-efficacy of pre-service school counselors and their attributions and attitudes towards poverty. The population for this study consisted of Master’s level school ...

Social Networking, its Influence on Social and Psychological Well-being, and Implications for Counseling 

Tyler, Jessica (2013-04-29)
Once seen as little more than a hobby, social networking is steadily influencing culture in many ways. Social networking affects how users connect with one another, impacting how they choose to represent themselves online, ...

Virtual Academic Community: Online Education Instructors’ Social Presence in Association with Freshman Composition Students’ Critical Thinking and Argumentation 

Paquette, Paige Fuller (2009-07-31)
There is much literature addressing challenges face-to-face freshman composition instructors encounter in developing college courses that foster critical thinking skills crucial to developing written argument. Composition ...