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The Effects of Electrostatic Polarization Ultra-Violet Light Filters on the Bioaerosols of a Commercial Broiler Processing Plant Hang Room




Butler, Jessica

Type of Degree



Poultry Science


Poultry processing hang rooms are recognized as potentially one of the dirtiest areas of a first processing plant. Little research focuses on the amount of debris in the air of a hang room and its potential effects on cross contamination further down the processing line. In order to determine the bioaerosols in the hang room of a particular processing plant hang room, three electrostatic polarization light filters utilizing ultra-violet light were mounted on three different walls of the hang room. Over a period of 24 sampling days, the filters were turned on or off and air and settle plate samples were taken of the air in the room. Bacteria tested for were Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella spp. Other factors including relative humidity, temperature and wind speed were also taken inside and outside the hang room. Furthermore, number of workers in the room and number of fans on were also noted. Samples were collected every 0, 3, 6, and 9 hours into the processing shift, taken back to the laboratory, incubated and enumerated. Results showed a low initial count at the 0 hour of sampling, but then significantly increased from 3-9 hours. In conclusion, it would be beneficial to find a filtering system that could withstand the load applied to it by a commercial broiler processing plant.