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Dewatering Rock Crushing Fines Using Geotextile Tubes




Myers, William, Jr.

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


A study on dewatering rock crushing fines using geotextile tubes was conducted. The laboratory portion included rapid dewatering tests and hanging bag tests to evaluate the dewatering efficiencies of the geotextiles as well as the use chemical flocculants. Settling ponds are currently the predominant method used to dewatering rock crushing fines. Settling ponds effectively dewater the material, but they are relatively slow and require large amounts of land. Recent studies by Kutay and Aydilek (2005), Liao (2008), Liao and Bhatia (2005), and Kutay et al. (2005) have shown that geotextile tubes can be used to dewater high water content materials. These studies did not address dewatering rock crushing fines. Therefore the objective of this study was to assess the dewatering and filtration characteristics of geotextile tubes specifically for rock crushing fines. Tests showed that geotextile tubes effectively dewater rock crushing fines and retain the solid particles. The filter cake forming in the geotextile tube predominantly governs the filtration behavior. The chemical flocculants tested did not improve the dewatering efficiency or the filtration efficiency of the geotextiles.