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Effect of Dispersion of SWCNTs on the Viscoelastic and Final Properties of Epoxy Based Nanocomposites




Uzunpinar, Cihan

Type of Degree



Polymer and Fiber Engineering


The properties of polymer nanocomposites depend primarily on the dispersion of nanoparticles and the interaction between nanoparticles and the polymer matrix. Homogeneous dispersion and good interfacial adhesion can transfer mechanical loads effectively to carbon nanotubes (CNT) and significantly improve bulk properties. However, because of the extreme inertness of CNT, efforts to enhance the mechanical properties of CNT-polymer nanocomposites have met with only modest success. The aim of this research is to understand the effect of the dispersion quality on the final properties (mechanical and thermo-mechanical) of single wall carbon nanotube/epoxy composites. Several dispersion techniques such as sonication, surfactant and chemical functionalization were chosen. The quality of the dispersion was evaluated through rheological studies. In addition the effect of the aspect ratio with different SWCNT concentration was examined by using experimental results and the Einstein analytical model. Using a combination of techniques (microscopy, thermal gravimetric analysis, rheology and dynamic mechanical analysis), an attempt was made to characterize the single wall carbon nanotube/epoxy systems.