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Planetary Partnerships and Their Role in Global Environmental Governance


Finding solutions to global environmental problems has practical, scientific, theoretical, and academic importance. As a practical matter protecting the earth’s bio-systems is necessary for human survival. As resources become increasingly scarce and health risks more prevalent many scientists and environmentalists argue that addressing global environmental problems is critical. Globalization has increased interdependence, requiring new strategies for balancing economic growth and improved quality of life with the fragile ecosystems of the planet. In this study I examine some of the strategies that have been used to manage global environmental problems. I explore different approaches that stem from two main world views: The power of the sovereign state and the belief in the superiority of the free market. While neither of these approaches has demonstrated efficient and effective global environmental governance independently, there is evidence to suggest that with greater collaboration and coordination between state and market actors solutions can be found and implemented. My findings imply a need for a major global shift towards planetary partnerships composed of the many various actors involved in global economic and socio-political transactions. The significance of this study is that it is both timely and vital for the global community.