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Social Networking Teaching Tools: A Computer Supported Collaborative Interactive Learning Environment for K-12




Cain, Curtis

Type of Degree



Computer Science


Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) is a broad area which, is to investigate using technology to facilitate collaboration. This research is to investigate and develop a collaborative educational environment as a tool to aid teachers in grades K-12 in the STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, disciplines. The resulting model will be used as a component of a larger learning environment that will remove the social networking taboo stigma currently associated with social networking sites. The model will extend beyond that of traditional social networking by supplementing class lectures in a fun, engaging and thought provoking manner instead of the typical classroom lectures. The final product will be a web-based collaborative educational tool for online interactive tool development. Surveys were used to analyze the perceived effectiveness and receptiveness to the proposed educational tool as determined by K-12 teachers. This paper seeks to gauge teacher’s receptiveness and willingness to utilize an online educational forum to supplement traditional classroom lectures.