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Relationship Between Counseling Self-Efficacy and Multicultural Counseling Self-Efficacy among School Counselors




Crook, Tylon

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The purpose of this dissertation was to examine the relationship between school counselors’ counseling self-efficacy and multicultural counseling self-efficacy. In addition, this study measured school counselors’ levels of general school counseling self-efficacy, multicultural counseling self-efficacy, and the relationship between school counselor multicultural counseling self-efficacy and race/ethnicity, gender, years of experience, and geographical school setting. This study includes a sample of 173 professional school counselors who completed the School Counselor Concept Scale (SCCS) and School Counseling Multicultural Efficacy Scale (SCMES). An analysis of these variables was conducted, showing that school counselors are confident in their abilities to perform general school counseling tasks and tasks associated with multicultural counseling in a school setting. Results also indicated a moderate to strong relationship between school counselors’ general school counseling self-efficacy and multicultural counseling self-efficacy. Significant differences were found between some school counselor demographic variables and multicultural counseling self-efficacy. Implications for the findings are discussed, along with recommendations for future research.