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Assessing Nature-based Recreation Demand in Population Cores of the Southeastern US: The Outlook for Recreation Development on Private Lands




Grill, Leslie

Type of Degree



Forestry and Wildlife Sciences


This study was conducted to meet a need for empirical assessment of outdoor recreation demand specific to non-industrial private lands in the southeastern United States. The survey was designed to measure preferences, motivations, and constraints of individuals for outdoor recreation away from home in rural settings. Economic, social, and ecological forces are driving urbanization in this region of the country. Interest is turning to non-industrial private property, which comprises 70% of the land in this region, for meeting outdoor recreation demand of urban dwellers. Utilization of private lands for providing nature-based outdoor recreation opportunity has economic and environmental implications for landowners as well as the potential for benefiting southeastern residents. Results are presented from a modified Tailored Design Method used to survey a total random sample of 7,200 residents in 8 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of the southeastern United States. Favorite activities, setting preferences, motivations, constraints, and demographic variables were analyzed.