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Design and Optimization of Free Space Optical Networks




Son, In Keun

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


Recent advances in wireless communication technologies and the explosive growth of the number and variety of mobile devices and multimedia applications motivate the development of next generation wireless networks, i.e., beyond 4G mobile systems. Indeed, the compelling demand for extensive coverage and high capacity has brought about a challenging problem to design adaptive and scalable network architectures. Some broadband wireless technologies, such as WiMAX, millimeter-wave, and free space optics (FSO), have been developed to meet this demand. Free space optics have emerged as a promising technology for next generation wireless broadband networks. FSO is a wireless telecommunication system that uses free space as transmission medium to transmit optical data at high bit rates. Compared with traditional wireless technologies, such optical wireless links have many advantages, including cost effectiveness, long transmission distance, license-free operation, interference immunity, high bandwidth, and so on. In this dissertation, we propose to design and optimize broadband wireless networks based on the FSO technology.