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Dynamic Modeling of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Stack with 1D and 2D CFD Techniques




Shan, Yuyao

Type of Degree



Mechanical Engineering


The PEM fuel cell is a potential candidate for use as an alternative power source in future vehicle and power conditioning applications. The electric power, as a load, continuously varies as a function of time in the system. Accordingly, the flow rates of fuels and reactants should be properly supplied to meet the dynamics of load requirement. Hence, temperature and humidity for the stack must be precisely maintained to secure an efficient, safe and durable operation of the PEM fuel cell system. As a matter of fact, the dynamic power output and efficiency profile of a PEMFC is strongly influenced by the variation of the temperature, reactant and product transfer in the fuel cell caused by a current load. In this work, a new 1-D dynamic model and a new 2-D dynamic model for the PEM fuel cell stack are proposed. Emphasis is placed on dynamic thermal effects of the PEM fuel cell stack. The 1-D model has been finished and was used to simulate the dynamic responses and performance of the stack during the start-up procedure and with dynamic load input. The results give interesting information on the stack temperature distribution and could be used for stack components and control design.