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Using Student Voice to Strengthen Tutoring Services in Middle Schools




Johnson, Marcia

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study examines the use of student learning polls as indicators of student perceptions for tutoring services for the purpose of continuous improvement planning. As an integral part of the educational reform known as No Child Left Behind, continuous improvement plans must be developed by leadership teams when schools fail to make adequate yearly progress for two years. This team must include stakeholders from various levels such as parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and students. The Tutoring Poll was administered via the Internet in a computer lab setting. The study consisted of 361 respondents from a rural, Title I middle school in the southeast section of the United States. Four demographic subgroups were analyzed to determine the significance of each variable. These include gender, ethnicity, grade level, and age. The study provides information about student views on the delivery of tutoring strategies used as action steps for school improvement. Analysis of the data reveals results of the polls and provides insights for professional learning communities to create strategies and action steps for continuous improvement plans. The inclusion of student voice extends the parameters of the learning communities.