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The Use of Peanut By-products in Stocker Cattle Diets




Palmer, Joseph

Type of Degree



Animal Sciences


Three production trials were carried out to evaluate the usefulness of peanut skins and hulls in stocker diets. In trials 1 and 2, peanut skins were fed with soybean hulls. Twenty-seven Brangus x Continental steers (BW 261-264kg) were fed three diets containing 0, 20, and 40% peanut skins for 84 days (3 pens/diet; 3 steers/pen). ADG decreased linearly (P<0.05) with increasing peanut skins. DMI decreased (P<0.01) linearly as well. In trial 3, ADG, DMI, and roughage effectiveness were observed when peanut hulls were fed in loose and pelleted form. Twenty-seven Angus x Continental steers (BW 277 kg) were fed three diets for 106 days (3 pens/diet; 3 steers/pen). All diets contained 1:1 ratios of peanut hulls and corn gluten feed. Hay was restricted in one pelleted diet. ADG of pelleted diets was (P<0.05) greater. DMI was greater (P<0.01) for pelleted diets. This study indicates pelleted peanut hulls are an effective roughage source.