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Flood Debris Build-Up Loading and Assessment of Adequacy of ALDOT Bridge Pile Bents During Extreme Flood/Scour Events




Daniels, Joslyn

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


A description of a flood debris build-up loading and an assessment of the adequacy of a chosen group of typical ALDOT bridge pile bents having various loading conditions and under various amounts of scour are presented in this thesis. Many of Alabama’s existing bridges were not designed for scour, and this report is to aid in determination of the suitability and condition of these bridges when subjected to lateral flood water loadings (lateral to the bridge or in the plane of the bent). Pushover analyses were performed on numerous bridge pile bents having a range of loading and scour conditions present. The pushover analyses performed make up part of a screening tool that is presented in this report to evaluate the existing field bridges. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are made based on the research and analyses of the bridge pile bents having flood debris build-up loadings during extreme flood/scour events.