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A Modified Genetic Algorithm for Design Peak Pulse Power in Nonlinear Transmission Lines




Lu, Hai

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


Non-linear transmission lines (NLTL) have become increasingly popular as a way to develop very high frequency, wide band waveforms that offer extremely fast rise times usually unobtainable by any other method. The applications of non-linear transmission lines range from very wideband telecommunications systems to high energy physics. An integrated optimization algorithm was built using between Matlab and LTspice to optimize the performance of the NLTL. A bidirectional interface was also created that allowed data to be easily transferred between the circuit simulator and the optimization algorithm batch command. A genetic algorithm was used for the optimization and designed for relative rapid convergence. Using this integrated optimization method, the NLTL circuit was designed that showed a peak pulse power enhancement of 570 % without the tedious trial and error process usually required.