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An Examination of Teacher Working Conditions in Alabama Middle Schools




Seymore, Farrell

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


The purpose of this study was to determine what relationships, if any, exist between how Alabama middle school teacher perception of their principals affect student achievement and teacher attrition. Peer comparisons between elementary, middle, and high school teacher perceptions regarding their school’s leadership were also examined. Using the sample of 21,252 Alabama teacher responses, including 3,402 middle school responses, statistically significant relationships were found between middle school teacher perception the school’s leadership and student achievement and the likelihood that teachers remain in their current teaching position. The study also found that a statistically significant relationship exists between teacher perception of the school’s principal and type of school in which a teacher works (elementary, middle, or high school). The findings from this study suggest more professional development is needed for Alabama middle school principals in the areas of school climate cultivation and instructional leadership. Mentoring of Alabama middle school principals should also be developed to train principals on specific middle grades issues.