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Mobile Learning-A New Paradigm of E-Learning




Erri, Raja Shekar Reddy

Type of Degree



Computer Science


One recent significant change in the learning environment is demand for mobility. Growth in technology and availability of mobile and wireless devices enables different ways of communicating. The cost of mobile access to the internet is steadily decreasing. These mobile technologies have enabled a new way of communicating. What if these devices are used for delivering educational content to the learners? Like Desktops and Laptops are primarily used for e-learning, devices such as cell phones and PDA’s are used for Mobile learning (M-learning). This helps in reducing equipment cost in delivering education. The trend toward the convergence of applications, the ubiquitousness of mobile devices, and continuing demand for smaller and more powerful devices indicated that these technologies are now indeed the mainstream. Mobile learning brings strong portability. It will be more effective and entertaining to use mobile devices as learning media. The research is to investigate and develop a collaborative mobile educational environment. The resulting environment will be used as a component of a larger learning environment. The final product will be a web-based collaborative mobile educational tool. Surveys are used to analyze the perceived effectiveness and receptiveness to the proposed educational tool. This paper seeks to gauge student’s receptiveness and willingness to utilize an web based mobile educational application to supplement traditional classroom lectures.