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An Active and Hybrid Storage System for Data-intensive Applications




Ding, Zhiyang

Type of Degree



Computer Science


Since large-scale and data-intensive applications have been widely deployed, there is a growing demand for high-performance storage systems to support data-intensive applications. Compared with traditional storage systems, next-generation systems will embrace dedicated processor to reduce computational load of host machines and will have hybrid combinations of different storage devices. We present a new architecture of active storage system, which leverage the computational power of the dedicated processor, and show how it utilizes the multi-core processor and offloads the computation from the host machine. We then solve the challenge of applying the active storage node to cooperate with the other nodes in the cluster environment by design a pipeline-parallel processing pattern and report the effectiveness of the mechanism. In order to evaluate the design, an open-source bioinformatics application is extended based on the pipeline-parallel mechanism. We also explore the hybrid configuration of storage devices within the active storage. The advent of flash-memory-based solid state disk has become a critical role in revolutionizing the storage world. However, instead of simply replacing the traditional magnetic hard disk with the solid state disk, researchers believe that finding a complementary approach to corporate both of them is more challenging and attractive. Thus, we propose a hybrid combination of different types of disk drives for our active storage system. An simulator is designed and implemented to verify the new configuration. In summary, this dissertation explores the idea of active storage, an emerging new storage configuration, in terms of the architecture and design, the parallel processing capability, the cooperation of other machines in cluster computing environment, and the new disk configuration, the hybrid combination of different types of disk drives.