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Array Biosensor for the Detection of Organophosphates




Ramanathan, Madhumati

Type of Degree



Materials Engineering


The aim of the current study was to develop an optical-based array biosensor for enzyme kinetics monitoring by fluorescence spectroscopy. The developed biosensor was used for the detection of Organophosphates (OPs), which are a group of chemicals that irreversibly inhibit the activity of an enzyme called acetyl cholinesterase, responsible for the synaptic nerve impulse transmission. The planar waveguide, which is the sensing surface is modified physically and chemically to facilitate better immobilization of bio-molecules. The array biosensor platform developed by the Naval Research Laboratories was adapted to suit the detection needs. The OP used in this study is paraoxon. The resulting sensor surface developed is reusable and is able to detect concentrations of paraoxon below its lethal dosage level.