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Assistive Navigation: a Study Incorporating the Use of Wi-Fi Networks to Provide Realtime, Interactive Wayfinding in Enclosed Structures for Individuals Who Have Visual Impairments




Puffer, Benjamin

Type of Degree



Industrial Design


Those who suffer from visual impairments can find their ability to integrate into mainstream society challenged in significant ways. There are a variety of methods that aid an individual’s ability to navigate his/her way through unfamiliar environments. However, many of these approaches are ineffective and impractical for use by those who are visually impaired. This thesis considers the feasibility of providing a dynamic wayfinding solution based on existing mainstream technology. It also considers the design influence that conventional technologies may exert upon devices specific to the disabled community. The result is a solution that may empower individuals who are visually impaired and increase the level of their interaction in many environments while seeking to reduce negative stigma associated with disability. Ultimately, this solution may prove to be attractive not only to individuals with disabilities, but also to the general public.