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The Effects of Design Complexity and Novelty on Aesthetic Response: The Moderating Role of Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics




Seifert, Christin

Type of Degree



Consumer Affairs


In support of holistic processing of aesthetic objects, this study examines the combinatorial effects of the design principles of complexity and novelty on aesthetic response for apparel products. Further, this study investigates whether the influence of these principles is moderated by consumers’ centrality of visual product aesthetics (CVPA), as well as whether aesthetic response to product design determines purchase intentions. The results suggest that products with high complexity and low novelty or low complexity and high novelty lead to more favorable evaluations. The findings also reveal that high CVPA consumers have a more positive aesthetic response to high novelty than low novelty product designs. An interaction effect between complexity and CVPA was not found. Further, results show that aesthetic response predicts purchase intentions. Implications focus on assisting managers and apparel designers in understanding their target consumer and on advancing research on the integrative effects of design principles