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Spectrum Educational Consulting - CSCW Tool for Pre-service Teacher Training




Vemula, Karthik

Type of Degree



Computer Science


Classroom Teaching is a very challenging process. Teachers go through a rigorous training process to ensure their mastery of the content material and as a part of teacher training preparation they are given instruction and strategies to properly deliver this information to students. New teachers have the credential, but will need practice to groom their instructional skills. Good instructional skills are the keys and to ensuring that students understand the content materials. Teachers are prepared to enter the classroom, but are not prepared for all the challenging circumstances that may arise during a day in the field in their own classrooms. Pre-service teachers have an extensive teacher training process to learn more about their subject matter and to learn instructional strategies. There are many different methods of attempting to engage teachers to understand classroom environments and improve teaching capabilities. Technology holds a great potential for improving the quality of education for learners. Information technology can be utilized to aid educators if the tools are user friendly and have a great ease of use. If tools are well designed and usable, instructors will be able to use them to engage and captivate students. Spectrum Educational Consulting mainly focuses on the problems teachers face in the classroom and helps them overcome those difficult situations and show them effective ways of teaching. Spectrum Education Consulting incorporates multimedia animations into textual case studies.