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Add It Up: FYFL A Financial Literacy Tool for K-12 Eduation




Bontha, Ram Bharat Reddy

Type of Degree



Computer Science


There are different ways used to engage learners through online learning environments. Especially for kids the online learning environment must be more interactive, fun, colorful, and must have good usability techniques used when an online learning environment is being designed for them. Lot of educators wants to use the current new technologies in online learning environment. Now the problem here is that are the kids ready to cope up with such high technological standards? So even new technology trends are used in the design of online learning environment it must look simple, clear and also the environment must be designed in such a way that the kids must be engaged in the online learning environment. The younger students have more knowledge on the current new technological trends because they are always acclaimed to new technology and also depend on the environment they are grown up. There are many online learning environment online but many of them doesn’t meet the needs of the youth and the educators. The learning environment must designed and organized in such a way that they meet the traditional classroom teaching methods and the youth must be engaged in the learning environment. The main purpose of this study is to develop and educator friendly learning environment with the current trends in technology which satisfy the youth as well as the educator. Also we make sure that this online learning environment also supports mobile phones so that student and educators living in rural areas have access to it.