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Family Forest Landowner Research: Attitudes About Forest Management and Information Needs




Kaetzel, Brandon

Type of Degree



Forest Economics and Policy


This dissertation provides three manuscripts further assessing family forest landowners based on results from the National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS) and Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) unit of the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. The first chapter looks at landowner differences among FIA regions using measures from the NWOS. In the second chapter, the information uses of landowners are examined along with their future preferences for receiving advice concerning their forestland. Logistic regression is used to assess how to more efficiently target these landowners with information they find valuable. Finally, in the third chapter, a method is provided for estimating the amount of merchantable timber volume available in a three state region based on family forest landowner willingness to provide. Results from these three chapters are intended to further assist in understanding landowners and better targeting extension to serve family forest landowner needs while promoting forest management.