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Influence of Spatial and Temporal Use of Resources by a Top Predator on Use of Resources by Co-occurring Species of Mesopredators and Prey




Boulerice, Jesse

Type of Degree



Forestry and Wildlife Sciences


Use of resources by a species can be influenced by interactions with co-occurring species. Use of both space and time can be altered to putatively reduce interspecific competition or risk of predation. I used occupancy modeling to measure the influence of competition with the coyote (Canis latrans) on co-occurring mesopredators. Similarly, the influence of use of space by coyotes was analyzed in the context of a race for space between two species of prey with differing characteristics. I did not detect support for competitive interactions between coyotes and mesopredators. I suggest that differential use of prey and high availability of prey may reduce the need for differential use of resources among these predators. I found evidence for contrasting responses of prey to use of space by coyotes. I propose that traits related to mobility and reproductive output may influence the outcome of the race for space between predators and prey.