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Interaction Design Guidelines for Industrial Design Process




Vaijapurkar, Salil

Type of Degree



Industrial Design


Principles have changed in era full of technological developments in the field of design and communication. Since design is focusing more and more on the role of the user, the ‘design of interactivity’ has become the ‘design of experience’. Interaction design has become a language of communication between a user and his or her surroundings and this interaction is happening at every possible level of communication. Interaction Design is the discipline of defining the behavior of products and systems that a user can interact with and experience these products or systems with a new level of satisfaction. These developed products or systems forces or allow the user to use them to their potential and in the desired way. The communication between the product and user enhances the final outcome and helps the user to develop Human-Product relations. A well-designed product defines its use visually. Interactive simplicity can make a product intuitive and hence can be a response to the desired need / action. Human interaction with product or system can be simplified by enhancement of communication between product or system and its user. Application of interaction design principles in industrial design process and product design processes will elevate this design experience. The aim of this thesis is to develop guidelines for industrial design processes. Guidelines proposed in this study give specific direction to the application of interaction design principles in industrial design process.