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A Woodland Landscape: A Woodland Experience




Howle, Nathan

Type of Degree



Landscape Architecture


This project follows the design process of a woodland landscape in Columbus, Georgia. Woodlands provide ecological and aesthetic values to urban environments, which makes them necessary for a healthy city. The center point of the design is around Weracoba Creek, which is partial piped underground. The daylighting of this section will provide a destination point for visitors. The project is set up in progression, as one moves closer to the creek, tree density will increase. This ordering system set up a grid pattern where trees are placed accordingly. Other similar ordering systems were used to position trails, understory shrubs, and rocks, all of which increase the woodland experience. Plant selection was based upon existing conditions of the site, which will provide for optium growth. The final design will provide a woodland landscape in a degraded section of Columbus, using native vegetation to reestablish the forest footprint of what was once there.