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The Influence of Gender Views, Behaviors and Their Consistency on African American Marital Quality




Simmons, Akiva Willette

Type of Degree



Human Development and Family Studies


Prior research findings have repeatedly supported the link between egalitarianism and high marital quality among married Americans overall. However, findings linking egalitarianism to marital quality for African American spouses have been contradictory, despite the prevalence of egalitarianism within the African American community. The current study examines the association between marital quality and egalitarian gender role views and behaviors at home for a diverse sample of African American spouses (N=634). Consistency between gender role views and behaviors is hypothesized to be associated with high marital quality for African American spouses. Results provide support of this association for wife, and egalitarian views were found to be associated with high martial quality for husband. Findings suggest the importance of exploring both views and behaviors separately and collectively when assessing the association between egalitarianism and martial quality. The inclusions of data on gender role views and behaviors regarding paid work outside of the home is suggested in future research of egalitarianism and marital quality among African American spouses. The need for use of contextually appropriate lenses when interpreting findings is discussed.