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Metal Complexation and Extraction Studies of bis-dithiophosphinite Ligands




DeVore, Michael, II

Type of Degree



Chemistry and Biochemistry


Five bis(dithiophosphonite) ligands OR1a-OR3b were synthesized using Lawesson’s Reagent and analogs of Lawesson’s Reagent. Two of the ligands OR2a and OR3a, were used in extraction studies with uranyl nitrate. UV-Vis measurements were taken to determine how much uranyl was extracted into the organic layer from the aqueous layer at pH 2, 3, 4, and 5. The extraction studies indicated that a longer time frame of extractions would be beneficial for these ligands. There were modest extractions of 70% for most of the ligands however, it would be best to confirm with ICP in a continuing study. These ligands could also be used for future studies of separating the trivalent lanthanides from the trivalent actinides because of the sulfur donors.