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Design & Construction Planning of Rapid Bridge Deck Replacement Systems for I-59 Bridges at Collinsville, AL




Harvey, Bryan

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


Many bridges in the Birmingham area have deteriorated decks that need to be rehabilitated or replaced. Several of these are major interstate bridges that carry large volumes of traffic. Rehabilitation or replacement of the decks of these highly traveled bridges must be done in a rapid manner to minimize interruption to traffic. Previous experience has shown that deck rehabilitation only serves as a temporary solution and is not the best option for decks that have supporting components with good remaining service life. Therefore, rapid replacement of the deteriorated decks is the most feasible option. Developing rapid replacement schemes is the primary focus of this report. Four rapid deck replacement systems are investigated and sufficient joint and connection details are determined for use on two test bridges. Of the four rapid deck replacement systems, two are precast deck systems, which are to be installed on one of the test bridges, and two are cast-in-place deck systems, which are to be installed on the other test bridge. The precast deck systems are capable of being installed during over-night work periods while the cast-in-place deck systems are capable of being installed during weekend work periods. Construction sequences were developed for each of the deck systems to understand the loads that the decks are subjected to. Each deck system has been designed to resist these loads. The implementation of the deck systems on the test bridges will assist in determining which deck system is the best option for replacement of the deteriorated decks in the Birmingham area.