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Evaluation of Physical Improvements Made Across a Signalized Campus Arterial




Ross, Jordan M.

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


The objective of this research was to develop and evaluate a methodology for measuring the traffic and pedestrian effects of new physical improvements made to Donahue Drive, a signalized arterial on the campus of Auburn University. A before and after study was performed on three types (i.e., parameters) of collected field data: (1) vehicular volume, (2) vehicle spot speeds, and (3) travel times. Steps are outlined for data collection, processing, and performing the analyses for each of the three parameters. Various types of analyses were used to evaluate the effects of the physical improvements on each collected parameter. T-tests were used to analyze the effects of the improvements on the vehicular volume and speed measurements while a nested ANOVA was used to evaluate the travel time data. The methodology for collecting and analyzing the traffic and pedestrian framework was created with the intent of use on future signalized arterial improvements.