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A Microsimulation Analysis on the Impact of Different Bridge Deck Replacement Methods on Travel Times and Road User Costs




Holman, Derek

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


The objective of this research was to evaluate different bridge deck replacement methods using microsimulation software. Previously collected data from the test site, located on I-59 at State Route 68 near Collinsville, AL, were analyzed and traffic engineering statistics were extracted. This data were used in creating a working base model, representing the conditions during data collection, in a microsimulation software package called VISSIM. Alternative models were created from the base model to simulate traffic conditions, which might occur, during different bridge deck replacement methods. These alternative models provided travel time data that was analyzed statistically to understand the effects that different bridge deck replacement methods have on road users. It is recommended that alternative bridge deck replacement methods be used on higher volume roadways, greater than 1600 vehicles per hour based on travel time. Practical differences in travel times between a traditional bridge deck replacement method and the alternative, a rapid deck replacement method, on lower volume roadways were not observed. Road user costs were calculated and showed that at the test site traditional bridge deck replacement methods had lower impact on road user cost than rapid deck replacement methods.