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Peer Victimization as it Relates to Interparental Conflict, Friendship Support and Anxiety




Baker, Sembenea

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The purpose of the study was to examine the relation between peer victimization and exposure to interparental conflict in the home. Specifically, the study examined whether there was a link between experiencing higher levels of peer victimization in adolescence and exposure to interparental conflict. Further examined was the relation between interparental conflict, victimization and friendship support and also whether higher anxiety levels are related to peer victimization. Measures used included the Friendship Features Interview for Young Children, Perceptions of Peer Social Support Scale, Children’s Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale, the parent version of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scale and the Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale. Participants were 41children age six to twelve years. Findings indicated correlations between peer victimization and interparental conflict. In addition, results suggested a relation between interparental conflict and friendship support.