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Alabama Rhinotermitidae: Nomenclature, Identification, Survey, and Phenology




Stephen, Charles Donald Robert

Type of Degree



Entomology and Plant Pathology


Nomenclature, identification, distribution, and phenology of the subterranean termites (Rhinotermitidae) of Alabama were studied. Arguments are proposed for suppressing the names of four R. flavipes subspecies with reported Alabama distributions: R. f. 1, R. f. 2, R. f. i, and R. f. ii. The first morphological identification key for Alabama Rhinotermitidae is presented, which was created using specimens verified by unequivocal morphology and DNA barcoding with the COII and 16S genes. Keys were developed for the imago, soldier, and worker castes. Data from a state-wide survey of Rhinotermitidae in 18 forests was combined with museum and Extension data from 1969-2012 to produce the first state checklist for Alabama, county checklists, and both updated and novel distribution maps. Data collected from 35 locations during 2010-2011 was combined with museum and Extension data from 1969-2011 to document the phenology of rhinotermitid swarming flights.