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The Extension Program Development Model: A Look At Commitment and Engagement




Wells-Marshall, Jennifer

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study examines program evaluation in Cooperative Extension by investigating staff commitment to systematic evaluation, commitment to the Extension Program Development Model, barriers and supports that impact engagement in systematic evaluations, and the application of evaluation results. A secondary purpose of this study was to explore in more detail Cooperative Extension state and field staff’s personal commitment to the Extension Program Development Model. This study employed a mix-method approach. Quantitative data were collected from survey while qualitative data were collected from in depth interviews. Findings from this study suggest that Cooperative Extension state and field staff are most committed to using evaluation results, analyzing data and focusing the evaluation. Likewise findings reveal that communication of information and attitudes and behaviors regarding program evaluation are predictors of an organizations’ willingness to engage in or learn about evaluation. Finally results show that Cooperative Extension staff are more likely to use evaluation results to show impact and improve program.