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Investigation of EtherYatri’s Compatibility with IPV6




Nemani, Srinivasa

Type of Degree



Computer Science and Software Engineering


Internet Protocol version six (IPv6) enjoys only a scant existence today. Many universities, companies and other organizations are building protocol stacks, hardware and applications to support IPv6, awaiting its full-fledged emergence into consumers’ lives. This thesis is such an effort to add a .NET based mobile agent system to the list of application frameworks that support IPv6. An IPv6 enabled mobile agent framework would help researchers and enthusiasts in their pursuit for a killer application that could spur IPv6’s growth. Mobile agent community could also benefit in a similar way from this. This would get mobile agent technology into more hands, there by improving the chance of finding a killer application, mobile agent community is waiting for. EtherYatri.NET is one such mobile agent system built using Microsoft .NET Framework. This thesis investigates EtherYatri.NET’s support for IPv6 and adds the support where needed. Microsoft .NET Framework SDK 2.0, Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 and EtherYatri.NET v0.5.7 are used for this thesis.