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Overcoming the Littleleaf Myth: Establishing a Shortleaf Pine Silvopasture on Redstone Arsenal




Guthrie, Kevin

Type of Degree



Forestry and Wildlife Sciences


This study examines the potential for implementing agroforestry practices, subject to soil suitability parameters, relating to the establishment and long-term management of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) on Redstone Arsenal (RSA). Given the fact that shortleaf pine once had a significant presence in the north Alabama area, and that efforts are being made to reintroduce it in other areas of Alabama, following studies to determine the viability and suitability for such an undertaking, this project was motivated by an obvious need to fill the knowledge gap, relative to evaluating possibilities for its reintroduction as an integral component of an agroforestry system. A number of factors that are directly related to making such a determination will be addressed in this paper. These include the feasibility of an agroforestry management style, soil suitability, and economic, environmental, and ecological issues. The Arsenal provides an ideal site for such a research project, because of a commitment to assuring that the land is managed for timber, wildlife, water quality, recreation, preservation of existing cultural resources, and where possible, the restoration of those resources that have been depleted.