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Automated Nozzle Design through Axis-Symmetric Method of Characteristics Coupled with Chemical Kinetics




Young, Reid

Type of Degree



Aerospace Engineering


A method of designing axis-symmetric nozzles with included finite-rate chemical kinetics has been developed. The use of the axis-symmetric method of characteristics coupled with finite-rate chemistry allows for the design and performance prediction of nozzles for liquid rocket engines. The use of a particle swarm / pattern search optimizer enables viable pressure distributions to initiate the axis-symmetric method of characteristics. The method allows for the nozzle boundary to be formed through a full method of characteristics solution. The contour formed allows for a smooth throat, shock free nozzle. This development allows the process for designing rocket nozzles to be automated, facilitating the design of axis-symmetric nozzles to meet a specific performance goal, while simplifying the effort of the designer. This thesis will describe the chemical kinetic coupled axis-symmetric method of characteristics, and the associated automated nozzle design methodology.