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El olvido está lleno de memoria: History in Post-Franco Spain




Wild, Matthew J.

Type of Degree



Foreign Language and Literature


This thesis explores Jerónimo López Mozo’s play El olvido está lleno de memoria (2003) and its attempt to recuperate historical memory in post-Franco Spain. In continuing the trend of demystification of Franco and his dictatorship, the playwright comments the modern perspective towards Franco and the Spanish Civil War through his play as well as modern memory and identity within the post-Franco social landscape. In addition, he attempts to recreate and represent history through a contemporary lens casting doubt on the Francoist regime. This thesis investigates the ways in which López Mozo accomplishes this recuperation of historical memory by analyzing the playwright’s use of memory and trauma in the development of protagonist Edmundo Barbero, metatheater in connection to artistic and theatrical representation, and a postmodern analysis of history.