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Cognate recognition




Aguinaga Echeverria, Silvia

Type of Degree



Foreign Language and Literature


This study is focused on cognate recognition. First, a new classification of cognates (English/Spanish) based on orthographic, phonological and semantic similarities between words have been proposed-identical, similar, and partial cognates. Second, an experiment was carried out with second semester native English-speaking of Spanish to clarify: a) whether or not beginner level students recognize cognates in the written form by providing their English equivalents; b) whether or not degree of similarity has an effect on students recognition and processing of these vocabulary items. Results suggest that participants do not recognize cognates as easily as presumed by textbook publishers and other authors. Furthermore, results from this study show that not all cognates are recognized and processed the same. It was also indicated by the results that a phonology overlap may play a role during recognition task.