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Teachers’ Concerns, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Pedagogical Practices as it Relates to Technology Integration




Holloway, Jacob

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


Education is the catalyst for preparing students to become productive members of society. Developing skills and knowledge students will need to compete globally is the charge excepted by educators at every level. The skills and knowledge needed to compete has become more interrelated with technology and its resources than ever before. In order to incorporate these changes in classroom practices the classroom teacher must make fundamental changes in the presentation of classroom instruction. These changes can only be accomplished through a process of continual professional development opportunities. This professional development must be teacher-centered focusing on their concerns, attitudes, beliefs, and pedagogical practices all while extending time for practice and reflection. The current study chose to analyze and compare teachers who work in comprehensive and magnet high schools. The data collected can be used to develop ideas for professional development opportunities for reluctant technology using teachers in order to meet the need of their students.