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Nutrient Digestibility, Growth Performance, and Carcass Characteristics of Broilers Fed Diets Formulated with Low Oligosaccharide Soybean Meals




Perryman, Kurt

Type of Degree



Poultry Science


The objective of this research was to evaluate nutrient digestibility, growth performance, and processing yields of Ross × Ross 708 male broilers fed diets formulated with low oligosaccharide soybean meal (LOSBM) and ultra-low oligosaccharide soybean meal (ULSBM). Experiments 1 through 4 determined the AMEn and digestible amino acid (AA) composition of a control soybean meal (CSBM), LOSBM, and ULSBM from 27 to 31 d of age. In experiments 1 and 3, LOSBM had increased (P = 0.011) AMEn and higher (P = 0.002) digestible AA concentrations compared with CSBM. Experiments 2 and 4 were expanded to evaluate ULSBM. Low oligosaccharide SBM had greater (P = 0.012) AMEn compared with CSBM and ULSBM. Both LOSBM and ULSBM had higher (P < 0.001) digestible AA concentrations compared with CSBM, while ULSBM had greater (P < 0.05) concentrations of digestible AA compared with LOSBM. Experiments 5 and 6 evaluated feeding diets formulated with CSBM, LOSBM, or ULSBM during a 6 wk production period using nutrient values determined in experiments 1 through 4. In experiment 5, broilers fed diets containing LOSBM or CSBM had similar growth and carcass characteristics. Dietary fat inclusions were reduced over 50% in all feeding phases in diets formulated with LOSBM. In experiment 6, diets were formulated with CSBM, LOSBM, or ULSBM and moderate or reduced (-25 kcal of AMEn/kg) energy concentrations. No negative effects on growth performance or carcass characteristics were observed for broilers fed diets formulated with the 3 SBM types or moderate or reduced energy concentrations. Diets formulated with LOSBM and ULSBM contained up to 70% less supplemental fat compared with CSBM-based diets. Formulating diets using LOSBM and ULSBM compared with CSBM reduced the amount of supplemental fat inclusion with no adverse effects on broiler performance and processing yields.