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Interface Selection in Multi-Interface Mobile Devices




Mylapore, Krishna

Type of Degree



Electrical and Computer Engineering


This thesis describes interface selection in multi-interface mobile devices. A multi-interface mobile device is defined as a device equipped with more than one network interface to help connect it to an external network such as the Internet. The network could be wired or wireless in nature. This thesis consists of three important modules. The first, Score Function calculation to determine the best interface for an application at any given point in time. This method takes into consideration both network parameters such as signal strength and cost and client parameter such as power. The second is a handoff algorithm based on NAT (Network Address Translation) and IP (Internet Protocol) tunneling principles. It helps in the transfer of active sessions from on network interface to another irrespective of whether the two interfaces are similar or not. The third module is to enable multiple interfaces to work simultaneously. The interface selection process involving the score function calculation and the simultaneous use of multiple interfaces has been experimentally tested on a test bed successfully. Simulation results of the interface selection algorithm is also presented in this thesis.