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A Financial Literacy Tool: Utilizing a Content Management System to Develop Online Learning Communities Focusing on K-12 Education




Gondi, Rajitha

Type of Degree



Computer Science


Learning environments have become more popular with the extensive usage of the Internet. Researchers are working diligently to design and develop more effective online learning environments, which can be used in teaching within traditional classrooms, and informal places like science centers and after-school knowledge clubs. This work mainly concentrates on students using online learning environments to develop their skills and knowledge. This online learning environment was developed to teach Financial Literacy to K-12 students as an extension of the project For Youth, For Live (FYFL) open-learning community for 4-H youth. This learning environment is a secure and collaborative space where students can interact with others easily. This work develops the following: an interactive online learning environment for K-12 children to acquire knowledge about the financial literacy, that is not being taught in the regular school curriculum; an online learning system that is user-friendly; an online system this is usable for K-12 educators and easy to understand to facilitate their teaching; and develops audio, video and interactive materials to keep students engaged within the online learning environment.